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Forestry Nursery

24th October 2017:

The picture shows Angelina caring for our Pine tree seedlings at the Factory Nursery, where our Saturday Girl Child students get a chance to learn as well.
Now that we have so many Chiefs and villages interested in planting trees, I felt is was the correct time to visit the Forestry Research Station and see how they might assist us, so I asked Prominence to arrange it.
Her report is very positive in all aspects and it looks like have developed an excellent link with the management and people there, which is an extension to what we had already.


Meeting of Forestry Research

Author: Prominence

Venue: Forestry Research Station

People present: The Station Forest Manager, Thomas Chimaliro and W4Z team.

Purpose of visiting: To learn more on how we can manage our forest nursery.

  • We can improve and learn more on:
  • Best time to collect pine and blue gum seeds.
  • Best varieties of both pine and blue gum seeds.
  • Best time to sow both pine and blue gum seeds.
  • Best time to start cleaning/making hoes/filling and planting.
  • The good holes we viewed are the depth and width of what the planting holes should be.
  • The best areas to plant pine is somewhere cool as pine favours this kind of weather.
  • Where the best areas are to plant blue gum as some species favour cool areas, and some favour hot areas.

Immediate benefit of the visit: We learned how to control pest and diseases on the different types of seedlings we have.

It was a wonderful meeting as the manager welcomed us warmly and taught us many things. Another benefit of the visit was that the manager took us to the place where they do their potting, and where they sow their nursery of different seeds. We were also shown how they look after and manage their seedlings.
After the meeting, the manager said we are welcome to do our nursery at their place as they have a big area, which is close to the Dam.


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