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The Disgrace of Broken Pumps

31st January 2017:


This well and pump, with many more, were installed by others many years ago, but  they have failed to function for many years now. Despite numerous requests no help has come their way and they were asked to pay what they couldn’t afford.

Now they have a pump, which Wells for Zoë guarantee and they can look forward to a continuous supply of clean safe drinking water.

One of the greatest disgraces in Sub Saharan Africa is the thousands of broken unmaintained pumps, not fit for purpose in the first place, AND no maintenance plan.



District:  Mzimba
Area:  Lusangazi
Village:  Salnoni
Distance from factory:  16 km
Depth of well:  4.44 meters
Former water source:  open pond
Furthest from well:  800 meters
Number served:  130
Preschool:  3 mins
Primary school:  5 mins
Secondary school:  120 mins



S: 11 30 40
E: 33 56 15



Jeffrey Chirwa: 0882829215



Dr Michael Walshe and Family, Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland


Pump Number



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