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Cutting the tape on a new pump development

6th October 2016:

Alfred writes:

The 6th of October was another great day to W4Z whereby the pump team went about 70kms from factory to launch our own ZOË CANZEE pump for the first time, in this new area. Happiness was all over the place. You could see a smile at each and every face present. We started our journey at 7am from Mzuzu off to Bolero Rumphi, where we arrived at something to 9am.

We first went to meet the paramount chief Chikulamayembe where we spent about an hour. The chief was very grateful to W4Z for considering his area for safe water. He has warmly welcomed us and to feel at home in his area. He said that W4Z are most welcome to do any development in his area.

After meeting the chief we went to meet the District Development Officer at the D.C.’s Office. He gave us a go ahead, only that he said that we should organise a meeting with all officers in Rumphi including officers from water department, to see how we may be able to assist in development

After the D.C.’s visit, then we went to start installing pumps. After we installed 2 pumps then the guest of honour arrived. Then the ceremony started with the cutting of the ribbon by representative of the paramount chief, then the whole ceremony started with a prayer and speeches and dances. The the guys from M.B.C (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation), the National broadcaster, covered the whole ceremony.

Boss, we are doing great work for the people of Malawi and these rural communities are so thankful.


Harisen then sent me this link to an Article in the Malawi Voice newspaper

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