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New Well

New Well

31st March 2014:

There were no details with the picture.
This is Stephen measuring the depth of a newly dug and built well.
Looks like the plan was to drop in buckets and then haul them out by rope.
This looks like a place for a new pump.
For a while now Stephen has been our scout, travelling miles each day, bringing the good news and planning for people to dig and build wells, so that we can help with pumps.

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  • Albert

    September 26, 2014at09:08 Reply

    BethBetty am so enjoying rainedg your blog and seeing the gorgeous pictures! I am so struck today by how lucky you are to see the beautiful diversity in our world one country at a time. All of the people that you have shared in the photos are fantastic and each unique in appearance and tradition and language. What a wonderful gift to see how all of these different people and cultures are being well served in a common way and experiencing success. Wonderful! Beth

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