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Sixteen pumps

Sixteen pumps

14th March 2014:

On Sunday next we have the spot on the as Cause of the Day.

To support the effort in fundraising we have decided to challenge ourselves to install 16 pumps on March 16th.

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation have agreed to film the event which will be on Television in the coming days.

It might be a bit of fun for our guys but deathly serious for all those women who will get clean safe drinking water maybe for the first time.

We have already taken the GPS locations and depths. Here you see the pumps being made to measure for each location.

There’s great excitement among the staff!!

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  • Sue-Del McCulloch

    March 16, 2014at20:30 Reply

    So basic, so necessary, so easy to ignore. Thank you all for your vision and ongoing efforts.

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