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Having a go

Having a go

16th October 2013:

Having a goThis young man offered to be the first to have a go on the new pump.
This was a very remote village about 35 km from Mzuzu.
The chief came to Harisen to ask if W4Z could help with three pumps and here we were.
The cover for this well was made for the greater honour of God in 1994, but no one could ever be found to finish the job and install the pump.
The excitement was electric, with singing and dancing as we arrived, and somehow more than ever before I realised that this is what I had come to Malawi for: to give people clean water.
So thankful were they that they brought their best chicken for us, but in the nicest way we declined, because thanks is fine and our workers are already paid and we just don’t do it. The people are just so poor.
We completed two more wells in the area with the same excitement.
Either side of this we brought a contingent of people from Zulu village to see what we do on Lusangazi farm. Groups are now planning to come and stay for a week. Real excitement here as well at all the prospects available.
A good day all round.

Oh, It was Choma area

GPS : S 11 20.020, E 0 34 00627

Usage : Over 300 villagers

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