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Tune Up 2012

Tune Up

In approx. 2010 Michael Dalferth first made contact with us from Germany. He is one of those unique people who support us from afar, but who is really one of us, in supporting our project. Himself and all his family music group, TUNE UP, are one of our best and most consistent supporters, over the years, even though we have never met.

They like what we do and how we do it, but they have a genuine love for Malawi, where they (Michael and Gabi) experienced the warm heart of Africa which is Malawi in their youth.

Their friendship means so much to us and makes our task all the easier.

We started getting money from them after each time they performed Karine Polwart’s ‘Well for Zoë‘  and this has continued and now includes when they gig and sell CDs – a truly amazing family band.


Tune UpThis is how they describe encountering w4z:

In summer 2009 the TUNE UP members Gabi and Michael had the chance to hear the fantastic Scottish singer Karine Polwart at the Innerleithen Music festival. Karine sang WELL FOR ZOË – a song she had written to support the small private Irish humanitarian organisation WELLS FOR ZOË  involved in wells and pumps for safe drinking water, rainwater harvesting, and small dams for water storage, in four rural areas of Malawi.

In 2013 TUNE UP recorded this song for their 5th CD “FROM THERE TO HERE” – listen to their version of Well for Zoë

Years ago Gabi and Michael had travelled through Africa. They had visited Malawi and had seen the situation of the people there. So WELLS FOR ZOË spontaneously found their interest.


Read lots more about their connection to w4z at the TUNE UP website and also check out their music.

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