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Uapaca kirkiana (Masuku)

Known locally as Masuku. It is known in English as Sugar Plum.


From the Useful Tropical Plants Database

It is an evergreen or semi-deciduous tree reaching a height of up to 12m. The fruits are one of the most famous fruits in Africa and are being eaten fresh and thereby sold in large quantities in local markets. It is also suitable for brewing wine or for making cakes that are fried and eaten. The fruit pulp is juicy and honey-like.

A root infusion is made from the roots to treat indigestion and dysentery.

As it forms a mutual association with mycorrhizae it acts as a soil improver and is thereby an important tree in Agroforestry systems and great to fix soil at eroded hillsides.

The wood is suitable for general carpentry as it is termite-resistant. Additionally it makes great charcoal and a blue dye can be made from the roots.


Pertinent features

  • indigenous
  • wood is termite-resistant
  • one of the most famous fruits in Africa
  • grown in nursery
  • acts as a soil improver and fixer for eroded hillsides