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Faidherbia albida (Msangu)

Known locally as Msangu. It is known in English as Apple-ring Acacia or White Acacia.


From the Useful Tropical Plants Database

It is a thorny tree growing up 6–30 m tall and 2 m in trunk diameter. Its deep-penetrating tap root makes it highly resistant to drought.

The seed pods are used for raising livestock, and are eaten by stock and game. They are relished by elephant, antelope, buffalo, baboons and various browsers and grazers, though strangely ignored by warthog and zebra.

The wood is used for canoes and it is valued in agroforestry as it fixes nitrogen and has a reverse phenology: the tree drops its leaves during the rainy season, and therefore does not compete with crops for sunlight and water. It is known to increase crop yield drastically.


Pertinent features

  • indigenous
  • deep-penetrating tap root makes it highly resistant to drought
  • fixes nitrogen
  • has a reverse phenology
  • grown in nursery