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Kasera, Planter

Triza Msimuko

My name is Triza Msimuko, one of workers from Kasera indigenous tree planting project. I am a student and school fees has been a major problem in my life. With the coming of this project I have managed to pay school fees, buy groceries and clothes but I am very worried about my future because the project has come to an end. My family doesn’t have enough food every year and hunger is the major problem we have been experiencing but with the coming of indigenous tree planting project I managed to buy more maize for food and life is better now.

The community has benefitted a lot because many people who were working under this project have started small scale businesses with the money they were getting from their wages and some could buy items within their community which could lead to circulation of money within their area.

The girls and boys were engaged with malpractices like prostitution and theft because they had nothing to do which could bring them money but the project has changed their lives as some have started some small scale businesses so that they should be able to buy their basic necessities.