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Past Fundraising Campaign

One Day. One Euro

for World Water Day
March 22nd 2013

Brought to you by DIT Student Volunteering

Hi, we’re One Day. One Euro collecting on behalf of Wells for Zoë

Wells for Zoë is a really small Irish NGO. Since 2005 we’ve been working to help Malawian villages install fresh water pumps. The pump is like no other. It’s PVC and easily repaired and won’t infect the water source. It’s really cheap to produce too so they are at the stage where they can supply a lifetime of clean water to a village at the minute cost of just €1 per person.

This World Water Day (March 22nd) we are asking you to help us. Let’s focus on water for just one day so that we can continue lowering water related fatalities in Malawi and its neighbouring countries. For one day, let’s just say that living without clean water is needless. We want to make people realise that water related deaths are avoidable.

Its really easy. And really cool.

One euro, gives one person water for life.

Campaign end date

22nd March 2019

Amount raised for Wells for Zoë

End result