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Maxim Dewald’s 20k run

My name is Maxim Dewald and on the 29th September I will be running a 20k distance for a charity – Wells for Zoë. I haven`t gone for a run for about 3 years but to be fair I do cycle around 6 km (12 km per day) to work and back, five days a week. Nonetheless, I still think that I am not yet fit enough to master a run of 20k. Sooooo!? I got roughly a month to get myself into a perfect condition to stand that test and collect as much money as possible. If you read this then dig into your pockets and donate! Hopefully, my personal action plan will motivate you to do so:


  • In order to lose unnecessary fat and gain lean muscle I will do a Slow Carb diet.
  • I will run 5k, then 10k and then twice 15k before the Mayday. That`s four weekends of training. However, the focus will not be solely on my training plan but rather the condition of my body.

A bit about me:


I was born in Uzbekistan – a son of a German mother and Russian/Ukrainian father. I moved to Germany when I was ten, lived there for ten years and then I set off to London to fulfill my addiction for knowledge and experience. I have completed my studies in Product Design and moved to Dublin, ROI to live, learn and experiment…and work! My background is quite a motley mix and I am hungry for different cultures, arts, design and music. I meditate, I cycle and I hate public transport since I moved to Dublin. I shout: “E.Q. before I.Q.!” but know that I.Q. is pivotal. I am a thinker, life-hacker, deconstructor, an Open Source enthusiast and an intuitive cook. I love to engage myself with the impossibly possible and enjoy any challenge. My biggest fiend is my comfort zone.

Campaign end date

Aug 2013

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