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past Employee

Golden Mlowoka Chirwa

Past Head of Planting Trees

Born on 24th Feb 1962 in Mzimba district Northern Malawi at a place known as Chigude near Sazwa Hill.

Parents Background:

Mother & Father both from district of Mzimba although her mother was originally born in South Africa to a South African mother from the Baloyi family while her father was a Malawian.


Started standard one class at Chigude full primary school in 1969. When in standard two in 1973 was transferred to Jintha Jembe junior primary school in Rumphi, Mphompha area.

In 1976 he was transferred to Usowoya full primary school after passing Exams. It was there where he obtained his primary school leaving Certificate of Education.

He obtained his junior Certificate of Education at Mphompha Community Day Secondary School through private studies and has 8 subject passes in form four class.

He is currently “fighting” to have a Diploma in Agriculture Extension.

Work Background:

Self-employment as a horticulture specialist.

From 1985 to 20th Aug 1990 he was employed by Mzuzu coffee as a bricklayer responsible for building coffee pulperies.

Currently am working with WfZ on Tree Planting program after having two hours meeting with John Coyne at Lusangazi WfZ farm in July 2018.

Goals and aspiration:

“Sensitiveness towards those who are engaged in Tree Planting program, we will form a sustainable kind of a forestry management. Later we will form a well-recognised cooperative responsible for continued tree planting to create a Carbon Sink coupled with Export of planks and poles for construction abroad.”