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Employee, Farm, Trees

Chimwemwe Phiri

He was born in Apondasoka village T/A Chakhadza in Dowa and is the secon-born of 2 boys and 3 sisters. His parents are still living in the village but he has been in Mzuzu since 2013 and has worked at the farm in Lusangazi since 2016.

He went to Bowe primary school until Standard 8, then he had to leave school as his parents got separated and school fees could no longer be provided.

He is married to Daina Kanjinga and they have two children, Charity and Monica. He once was a volunteer at WfZ but now that he is an employee, works in the garden, takes care of the green house and looks after the fence. Now he is learning how to do budding and grafting. Before he started to work he said that he had no experience at all with farming or grafting. Now he is happy as he is earning money, learning how to do farming and he is doing a good job.