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Employee, Teacher

Biata Moyo

Counsellor & Teacher

She was born in Kalonga district where she did primary and is the 6th born from four brothers and four sisters. Her mum is 86 years old and still lives in Kalonga; her dad died in 2006.

She moved to Mzuzu for a better education and marriage, did secondary and studied at TTC – Teachers Training College – where she learned teaching, social and life skills.

When she was 15 years old she had to pay everything she needs herself and had some problems to pay the fees so then started to work during her studies. In Malawi you pay the fees every month, if you can’t pay one month, then you have to take a break in studying. That is why she worked some months in between her studies.

She is married to Bedty Kumwenda.

Biata in the on-site counsellor for WfZ and she also teaches biology in Form 1, 2 and social in Form 3 and 4.

In 2015 she was at a school where she works as a counsellor and Mary came to look for the students and that’s where they met, and one year later she started with WfZ. She likes to teach the girls and encourage them, whatever their backgrounds, because she knows what it is like struggling in her own life.

I worked hard and here I am” – she said.