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Kirsty in office

Girl Child Student Spreadsheet

For the last few weeks, I have been busy working on the girl child student excel spreadsheet, updating and proofreading information on each of the girls Wells for Zoë provides secondary school fees for. I have been going with Margret to the various schools to collect school report cards for 2018/2019 Term 2 examinations.


The results are then inputted into the profile of each individual girl child student. I have been taking note of girls that are not doing so well in their exams, so that I can discuss these girls with Florence as well as Beata, the councillor that comes to the Saturday classes to speak with girl child students individually. We can then see if the girls are having any difficulties or issues at home, and whether these problems have impacted their ability to work hard in school.


By reviewing the individual profiles of each girl child student sponsored by Wells for Zoë, I have gained a deep insight into the types of issues that such girls face in their day to day lives, and how Wells for Zoë works to improve their situations by providing school fees and extra assistance. This has continued to open my eyes to the reality of the difficulties and barriers facing girls in attaining an education in developing countries such as Malawi.

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