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Enyezni Forest Project – Wells for Zoë
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Enyezni Forest Project

16th July 2018:


From: Prominence and Laston

Venue: Enyezini CDSS

The head teacher of Enyezini CDSS, Deputy head, GVH Satiyele and other 9 village headman, A.D.C chairperson and his committee.

To distribute seeds
Training them on how to mix soil for potting
How to make nursery bed for pine seeds
How to saw pine and other seeds which we brought for them like Acacia and Neem directly in potted tubes.

People of this area heard about forest project through the students of this Enyezini CDSS who came to have their summer boarding some time back at our factory in Luwinga.

Thereafter the villagers had a meeting together with the head teacher and then, they phoned us back to go and assist them with the training, seeds and polythene tubes itself.

At school we have given them 5,000 Acacia and the 10 chiefs we have given them 50,000 pine seeds, 1000 Neem seeds and Tephrosia as they requested. In addition to that, we have also given them 10,000 polythene tubes to start planting those seeds which will be sown direct in potted tubes.

It was a great visit as they were all very happy and  much interested on this forest project  even students at school they are going to plant 5,000 Acacia. They thank WfZ for the provision of free  seeds, training and polythene tubes and they wish for a long association with us and hope we can assist many people here in Malawi.

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