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Netball, after a fashion

2nd June 2018:

You will know that we support 260 Girls in Secondary School.

We send transport to bring as many as we can in to Saturday Classes on their Curriculum. Some come from up to thirty kilometres away and even before we pick them some may have walked for an hour, such is their determination to improve their lives a little, And they do.

Apart from their curricular studies we have classes in horticulture and food growing which is vital for all rural Malawian girls.  We also provide a meal.

After classes we have an hour of fun and games. They do a bit of drama and singing.
They do a bit of netball, but maybe not as you know it.
They have chats and debates.
And throughout the day we have counsellors to work with any girl needing help, with a myriad of issues you cant even imagine.

The programme is expensive to run, especially the transport, so without more funding we will have to cut back next year which is very saddening.

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