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Invited by the Mayor: Wow!

5th November 2017:

from Miriam
(Head of Preschool development)

Hello Boss,

Here is a short report on a visit to Nkhatabay where the pump team were delivering cement and I was invited by the Governor of Nkhatabay MP to talk about preschooling.
We visited Pundu village where the villagers and caregivers wanted a brief introduction as to  how to teach their children, so I involved the children to show how we, learn by playing, singing and dancing.
After this visit the Governor has said that they will organise all the preschools caregivers whether in operation or not to help them with workshops so that caregivers should have more skills in order to  go on with this development.
The people were exited with this development in Nkhatabay district.
There are 12 preschools.
Here are the children at their centre where they meet.
Thanks boss for encouraging us to expand to as many areas as we can. It was a very exciting day and there was huge appreciation for all we do.

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  • Lily Murphy

    December 9, 2017 at 10:30 Reply

    Well done Miriam. I’m sure the children will learn lots of English vocabulary through all the fun songs and story telling. Lily x

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