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Report: Agroforestry, Preschool, Pumps

4th October 2017:

The picture shows small beginnings of a remote rural preschool. It will make an enormous difference. 3 to 6 year olds will go to preschool and almost all will transfer to primary school.

From: Prominence, Miriam and Christopher

Venue: Lusangazi at V.H Lamson Jere

People present: V.H Lamson, members of Jalawe club,some commmunity representantives and W4z team.

We were in Lusangazi at V.H Lamson Jere under G.V.H.Chauluma Kaunda. We were called by V.H Lamson Jere who heard that W4z is also encouraging people to plant trees and providing them seeds and teach them how to sow and plant.


On Agroforestry:
Prominence taught people the following:
How to make nursery beds for pine and bluegum
How to sow pine and bluegum on the nursery beds
How to make a shed on a nursery bed and to water it
How to mix soil for potting and to sow Acacia, Msangu and Mtangatanga in potting tubes
Lastly she taught them the importance of Tephrosia in agricuture

On Pre-school:
Miriam introduced  people on all what we do in pre school. They were very
much interested to have a pre school in their village because children are just staying at home waiting to go to primary at 6 years. The chief said that, they had a pre school at first but they stopped because care givers were lacking knowledge on how to teach. Now everything will change

On pumps
Christopher also talked to people on how the water pump and irrigation pump work. He also taught people on how to dig wells and all things needed for constructing the shallow well.


The V.H Lamson Jere said that he is very much interested in all what we taught them and all the ways we can work together. They even took us to the place where they have prepared to sow the  seeds and do potting.They also said that, they need irrigation pumps as they have formed a group within the village where they also do practice irrigation farming in their gardens. Lastly the chief said that, people are drinking water from open wells as their water source, so they will dig wells so that we have to provide them pumps.

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