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Well Well Well Charity Shop

20th January 2017:

Our Facebook page has a shop called Well Well Well? which has been the name of our Charity Shop at 75/76 Queen St, Dublin, which comes rent free, without utility bills and is run by volunteers to support the work of Wells for Zoë in Malawi.

We only open two days a week. If we had more volunteers we could open extra days.

The shop facility at Well Well Well on our Facebook page got its first entry with the two teddies for Valentine’s Day.

The price is 5 Euro, which will give a whole family in Malawi, water for life.

Our hope is to formalise this shop so that people can buy and pay online and later collect in the shop.

Later we may consider deliveries like online outlets.

Who knows. but have a great Valentines Day.

Give us a call in the Shop Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11 till 4

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