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PIF 1 (Pay it Forward)

15th December 2016.

This Christmas instead of doing the usual Christmas card ‘dance’, why not choose the Pay it Forward route.

You may have been the recipient of this from another or maybe you just chose this from our shop, but either way, go on, Pay it Forward.

It will cost a fiver but you’ll save on a card and postage and will feel all fuzzy inside after you’ve done it!!

It may open up a whole new world of possibilities with the person you pass the gift to. When they pass if on and more people are in credit with the Universe, life will be better for us all.

If you want to Pay it Forward click on this link

The other route:
1. Go to the website
2. Go to Shop.
3. Click on Pay it Forward.
4. Write your message.
5. Check-out
6. You will have changed the lives of a family forever.

This well has been funded by the first 50 enthusiasts and there will be many more to come. It all depends on you. Do it now and make your message a letter. Try it, its great.

Pump Details

The village is Charnkhu, area Elnuyeni in Mzimba, 36 km from the factory
The 199 villagers were using an open source which was drying up
The well is only 3.4 meters deep.
They have a preschool 5 minutes away but the primary and secondary schools are an hour walk away


S: 11 14 15
E: 33 42 58


Fatima: 0884011934


Paid Forward Group 1:  PIF 1

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