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A pump day

A pump day

23rd June 2016:

The second step in the pump installation process is to deliver the fitting into which the pump is fixed, called the spider, as well as the cement needed.
Today was the day to supply 5 pumps.

Along the way we came to Livuwu Primary School where students from DIT enabled and assisted a whole community to build a 3 classroom school in 10 days in Easter 2007.
It was a huge achievement then and still is.
As a result the EU added a further 2 classrooms in 2008.
But here you see the effort since then, as foundation for 2 more classrooms and this shaky shed where two classes LEARN.
Come back DIT was the call.

Someone could have helped, but everyone in gleaming 4×4’s are too busy sensitising and developing to bother with a little matter like a school.
What a waste of money, but this is the way of the Aid business.
Maybe in another 20 years they might get help with their school
30 years to get the teachers and maybe 50 years to get class books.

rocky roadWe take our volunteers to the most interesting places on most scenic routes.
The added pic is looking at our jeep on the rocky road as we followed.
Hard on the ass for those sitting outside.

What an experience on the road less travelled (by the white 4 by 4 brigade)

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