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Another white elephant

Another white elephant

29th April 2015:

When this dam was complete I think the President helicoptered in to rant about the huge success it would be, all it cost in (in Dollars, Euro and whatever other brand of aid could be accumulated) on the promise of the enormous benefit to the Lusangazi community. As with many other super duper ideas, this has been a miserable failure, not in the dam structure, but the delivery channels, where the engineering experts failed to realise that water does NOT run uphill.

At the request of 3 group village headmen and 28 chiefs we surveyed fleetingly this wonder of stupidity, incompetence, corruption and greed.  It CAN be retrieved and be a wonder only if the community of men get off their asses and make it happen, but we are not convinced. Maybe if the women took over, then it might have a great chance.

My sadness is that even some of my tax money is stuck somewhere in the mire of corruption that is now Malawi.

Even if the water had flowed the people have no training in irrigation, not even a little, because there is only one agricultural instructor within 60 km. I have met him and he is a great man.

We are sending our farm lads to help.

Who knows, but the Government certainly seem disinterested.

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