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Another Little Preschool

Another Little Preschool

30th March 2014:

The area is under the tribal Chief Jessia Moyo.
I don’t know the village name.
We are now heading for 40 such little centers of learning, maybe 37 0r 38 just now.
There must be whole community involvement before we get involved. Training is for everyone including the chiefs. It is their place and their responsibility.
We do the training of the carers, the porridge ladies make the food, the chiefs come in to tell stories about culture and tradition.
If they decide to construct a building, we only supply the metal sheets, and cement for the floor.
Communities develop centered around these buildings. We bring the water, and training on agriculture. Almost all preschools develop Adult Education, in the afternoons, in its many forms.
We see substantial signs of progress, mainly through women’s clusters of self help which we support.

Every week or two, a new preschool is born; it’s fascinating to watch.

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