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Another one 2ndFeb2014

Another one

2nd February 2015: This is the village of Bulamsaka, which takes its name like most others from the village headman. This well is 2.4 meters deep and has a diameter of 1.5 meters It will serve 117 villagers with clean water, close to their homes.



4th April 2014: Our irrigation system in Lusangazi farm is fairly simple. We have a series of channels around each garden, all fed by collecting water and piping some in from a higher level on a stream elsewhere. Dave and John are seen here lowering the trenches to

A sorryful sight

A sorryful sight

24th March 2014: I'm sure this well was installed by some very well meaning people, probably of Christian origin, who sang, prayed and rejoiced with this community as a new pump was installed here. I figure this was installed in about 2000 or so, and maybe lasted

Roseanne Curtin

Wells for Zoë chosen for award by AOL

Meet the Winners of the Employee Cause Contest AOL This year, we held our third annual Global Employee Cause Contest to recognize and further support our employees who are passionate about giving back – employees who have gone above and beyond to support the charity they

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