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Grafted Mango

25th July 2018: Part of what we do on the farm is the production of improved variety fruit trees. These are Mango. The seeds (about 20,000) of native mango were collected and planted-out at the end of last year. Later they were potted and put into the


22nd December 2017: In our twelve years farming in Lusangazi, we have expanded our horizons considerably. Besides organic/sustainable/agro-forestry, we have a big focus on producing improved varieties of fruit trees. We now have nine varieties of Mango, which extend the season in which mango is available to eat.

Mango Seeds

21st December 2017: We produce about 15,000 mango seedlings each year, by grafting (now) eight new varieties from all over the world on to rootstock grown from the local variety. First step is to collect seeds when people have eaten the fruit and we do a deal

Grafted Mango

21st November 2016: This is one of our four Greenhouses. Here Mango rootstock has had an improved variety mango Tomy Atkins grafted on to its main stem. This means that the new fruit will be very large and sweet. The new scion is spliced on to the existing

Visiting Volunteers

14th July 2016: These are Lilly and James from Ireland, visiting the farm today. Here they are with Laston and Harisen having a look at the latest variety of mango grafted on to local rootstock in one of our four greenhouses. Those with the brown leaves have taken

Lusangazi farm Gardens

11th October 2015: In front you in Lusangazi farm Gardens you see flowering mango and beside it pineapple. Bananas further down with peas, beans, squashes and courgettes. Water is scarce though. No real rains singe April and rains generally light in the rainy season. Maybe it's because they have

New Mango season

6th Sept 2015: These are newly grafted mango. We have five varieties. These are now ready for planting but we will wait for the rains and people will plant at the end of January. In total we expect to have over 20,000 improved variety fruit tree seedlings.

Today on the farm

26th June 2015: Benjamin sent us pictures from the action on the farm today. Main pic shows Laston grafting Mango with scions bought about 70 km away close to the lake. These will produce large and better fruit and will be ready to plant out in January


17th May 2015: This is Wezzie (with a new hairstyle), who is in charge of orchards, seeds and accounts, sorting grafted mango that have come from the greenhouse to make way for more action.

Saturday Morning on the farm

28th March 2015: These are Joyce, Wezzie, Boyd and Dave putting little plastic bags on the newly grafted mango to reduce transpiration. This is the  first pic with our newly acquired Nikon, waterproof, shockproof with GPS tagger. I expected to be able to see location, but as

Grafting Mango

Grafting Mango

19th March 2015: John, Benidicto and Laston are re-grafting mango that have failed to take. I'm sure Alepher will we asking serious questions, or at least I will on Friday next when we arrive.

A new year for mango

4th March 2015: These are the guys on the farm sorting mango shoots. The seeds were sown earlier but they produce a number of shoots which are being divided for planting back in the tubes. A delicate operation. These will be put in greenhouses and later be grafted