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Support from Spain for water in Kasungu

14th September 2017: Excited people for having clean and safe water, which they never hope that it can happen. They were using open wells and rivers as their water source. Thanks W4Z for keeping the promise  and now they will be using safe water. This is pump 318

Its a long, long way to Tipperary

10th September 2017: People are extremely happy for w4z's installation of a pump. They were using unsafe water from open wells. Now  that they have safe water, they are very thankful for the great help of a pump. They wish w4z to continue assisting other people

New Pump in Chiliwawa village in Kasungu District

9th September 2017: People in this area, had almost lost hope because they stayed for long time since wells were constructed. This was so because they told us that before our operations, in the district we should first hold a full D.E.C meeting, with 68 members,

Visit to Masinja village, Mwase in Kasungu

16th May 2017 Harisen writes: This was organized by the Youth Act Malawi, a youth organization which has had a big impact on a huge part of Kasungu in areas of youth awareness on HIV, Sending the girl back to school, encouraging youth to take part in

Meeting Communities and planning 400 new wells

17th February 2017: We had two teams on the road today. The picture shows Florence with a group of parents and girls looking at schools attendance and results. This schools is the CDSS (Community Day Secondary School) Enzeni, where we support 20 girls. It is about 30

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