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Enyezini, Planter

Maureen Kaunda

My name is Maureen Kaunda, one of the workers at Enyezini indigenous tree planting project. With the coming of this project in my area most of big things have happened in my life and I was glad that it come to rescue me from the hard times which I was passing through. Paying school fees for my young sister has been a disaster previously but this time due to the money I was given after working with Wells for Zoë it was so easy. And I have also managed to feed my family from the same pocket. I have also bought a pig that I will raise that will help us in future. I have one wish that the Wells for Zoë should continue providing us with such programs so that poverty in our area should be reduced.

Our community has also benefited a lot from the project because the trees will help in fixing nitrogen in the soil, the gullies will also be reduced, and wild animals will find a place to live. All these will help in developing our community.