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Misuku, Planter

Mathias Musukwa

Local Supervisor of the Chitipa indigenous Tree Planting project

My name is Mathias Musukwa, one of the workers of tree planting project at Misuku. Firstly I would like to thank the donors for coming with this project. The project has played an important role in my family and in my community.

The project has also provided seven hundred thousand tubes, seeds for M’bawa, Mwabvi, Mtete, Mnkhungu and Msamba fumu. These seeds will help the community to have enough fire wood, traditional medicine and source of income. The project has also helped the people to be employed.

The community has also learned a lot in this project for them to continue planting trees every year to cover the bare ground. It attracts tourist, bring enough rainfall and it acts as a home of animals.