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DIT, Volunteer

Lynne Swan

My name is Lynne Swan. I am 20 year old journalism student from Dublin, Ireland. I was selected as one of eleven students to volunteer with Wells for Zoë in Malawi during Easter 2011. I wanted to come here as I had heard about the great work Wells for Zoe had done and are continuing to do in Malawi by providing opportunities for Malawian citizens and letting them know that just about anything is achievable.


Since my first day here I’ve learned the true value of communication within the communities here. I’ve heard numerous stories of how Wells for Zoë changed hundreds of people lives just through word of mouth and thus being able to find out which communities need clean water.


I absolutely love being here helping out John and Mary and meeting the amazing Malawian citizens but at the same time I cannot wait to go home and spread the good word of the constant work of Wells for Zoë here in Malawi.


I definitely want, and very much hope, to come back to Malawi again so that I can help to continue the amazing and life changing work Wells for Zoë do here.


This is the fourth year that DIT students have come here to help with the NGO and I hope that there will be many more students volunteering here in the near future. We visited schools, fixed pumps for the wells, visited Mzuzu Central Hospital and have gone to local communities to identify needs and talk to villagers.


It has been an absolute honour to have been able to converse with so many wonderful Malawian people and I truly believe that they can achieve what ever their hearts desire once NGOs like Wells For Zoë are around to inspire and assist them in doing so.


Having spent just over a week here so far I am in awe of what could be achieved if we stayed longer or came back again. John and Mary Coyne have achieved so much with Wells for Zoë and I am proud to be able to say that I have assisted them with even just a tiny percentage of that great work.


I’ve made life-long friends and met people that I will never, ever, forget.

Visited Malawi

Easter 2011