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Kevin Hegarty

I’m from Donegal and have been living in Limerick for the past 6 years. After studying Biological Sciences with concurrent teacher Ed. (bio, chem & ag science) at UL, I remained there working in management at their onsite sporting complex. I come from a family of six and each of my siblings are, or soon to be, teachers also!

Although my initial passion for teaching came from my love of the subjects and enthusiasm to share my experiences, my sense of adventure has since overshadowed these aspects for now. I’ve always had a desire to explore new cultures and immerse myself in a different way of life. Therefore, working for Wells for Zoë has presented me with the opportunity to apply these skills in an international development setting and embrace a new culture. A perfect opportunity to give something back!

Visited Malawi

Oct-Dec 2017

Kevin, Laura, Áine & Sandy’s Vlogs