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Employee, Manager

Harisen Amin

General Manager & Head of Logistics

Harisen was born in Saint John of God Hospital, in Mzuzu and is the 4th born from 4 brothers and 3 sisters. His Dad passed away in 2001 and his mum is still living in Zomba city district. As his father was working in a construction company, they were moving from district to district: Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Blantyre… but he was schooled in secondary in Zomba, originally where he came from. He finished Form 4 and studied accounting in the private Herbert Business College in Mzuzu (doesn’t exist anymore). Later in 1998 he studied computer in Our Grace for one year.

He knew Charity when both were 19 years old and neighbours in Luwinga (Mzuzu). At the age of 23 they decided to get married and in 2008 was the official marriage. They have 3 daughters, Fatima (works for university fees at WfZ, 16), Áthas (9), Faith (5). Áthas is an Irish name that means Joy. If you have Faith everything is possible!

By the time that his oldest daughter Fatima was 4-5 years old, he was working as a driver for St John of Gods, a mental health organisation founded by priests that later became a mental health college. In 2005 John & Mary came to visit brother Aiden Clohecy who was from Ireland, and they were invited to stay at St John of Gods. John and Mary were interested in SJOG work and joined Harisen while driving to different villages. “I liked their passion and it encouraged me to help the villagers as well.” – he said. So he resigned from St John of God and started working with Wells for Zoë. Of course WfZ is still working closely together with Saint John of God.

The NGO started in 2006 and was registered in 2007 by Harisen and Chipiliro. Around 2006 Richard Cansdale came bringing some pumps with him, checking the places where the pumps could be installed. Richard donated the pumps and assisted in installing them. Harisen was the first and only employee for one and half years.

He is the currently manager of operations in Malawi and is active in the fields of marketing, designing and making the pumps, pricing all materials & logistics and monitoring the forestry area.