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Kasera, Planter

Esnart Chimutse

My name is Esnart Chimutse, one of the workers at Kasera tree planting project. I thank Wells for Zoë for this wonderful project because it has changed my life for the better. I was a poor person and I lacked a lot of things. Before this I had to depend on my parents for everything but now my life has completely changed. I have used the wages to buy the things I was lacking like soap, clothes among other basic needs.

I am not the only one, who has benefited from this project, but the whole Kasera community has benefited from this project; many people who were just staying found something to do which gave them money to support their daily needs. Our community will now have a forest which will give us poles for building our houses. We will be happier if this kind of project continues and we still have plenty of land which needs to be covered with trees.