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Enyezini, Planter

Elizabeth Mwale

My name is Elizabeth Mwale, one of the workers at Enyezini indigenous tree planting project. I am so thankful to Wells for Zoë for this project. It has helped me to solve my financial problems such that I have managed to buy some basic necessities like soap, sugar, salt and cooking oil. In addition to that, I have managed to buy school materials and I have paid school fees for my children. I am happy because financially some problems are now a history to me. I am building a new house and I have also bought iron sheet for roofing.

The project has also helped orphans in my community by providing employments and they are able to buy their basic needs. It has also helped the youths to withdraw bad practices like drinking beer, smoking and sexual activities since they spent much of their time at the field. In addition to that, natural disasters such as drought, soil erosion and floods will be reduced when these trees grow they will provide fresh air. Lastly, trees will also provide timber and poles for constructions like bridges, houses and other infrastructures.