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Lusangazi farm

The sustainable farm, Lusangazi

My most surprising moment yet Of the three main arms of Wells for Zoë I knew about, I wasn't expecting to be most impressed by the farm. Maybe it was because my notions of farming stretched no further than my Grandad's farm, and the jobs I'd get

Grace - Girl Child Student

Grace Girl Child Student

This is Grace Chipofya (17), from Mchengautuwa. She scored 23 points in her final exams at secondary school, often holding position two in her class. With results like that, she is hoping to study nursing at University. Grace is the second born in her family. She

Class at Enyezini school outside

Enyezini school, Mzuzu

We had arrived. An hour off the beaten track from Mzuzu, and down a dusty and orange scorched road, the red brick classrooms of the Enyezini community school came into sight. The classrooms were well over capacity with boys and girls of equal potential, but with

A rude awakening

12th October 2017: Laura Mc Andrew from the Wild Atlantic Way region of Ireland in Mayo is one of our four volunteers who arrived in Malawi this week. If she thought that anyone would ease her in, I'm afraid she was disappointed (but she was well aware