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We support 6 preschools with 500 two to six year olds. Casca is our preschool trainer and caregiver. He visits the six preschools we support on his bicycle, and has empowered the village caregivers and porridge ladies by supervising and encouraging them. He gives weekly reports

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Why Farming? The staple food of Malawi is nsima, made from boiled Maize flower. It is mainly carbohydrate and needs other nutritious foods to supplement it. While focused on clean water found there was a huge need to help with irrigation and farming. Open pollinated seeds were

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About Wells for Zoë

Wells for Zoë - Water for Life Wells for Zoë is a sustainable development organization helping communities in Malawi access clean drinking water. We also nurture organic agriculture and education. 100% of all donations support these projects. DONATE Wells for Zoë is a small, Irish, sustainable development organisation working with