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The Shop

Well Well Well - the w4z Charity Shop in Dublin

To help fund our ever expanding programme in Malawi, Wells for Zoë has opened a Charity Shop at 72-76 Queen St., Smithfield. Dublin 7. The official opening was on Feb 2nd and we are very pleased with progress. People have been very generous with their donations and we have an increasing number of excellent volunteers manning the shop two days each week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


We would naturally like to open some extra days but will need more volunteers to do it. We need help from artists, IT people, journalists, networkers, social media people, shop staff, accounts people, window display people, talkers, marketers, and a whole variety of other people with a variety of eccentricities with a bit of spare time on their hands.


Your help could be from home as well, getting donations of marketable items or doing the selling at the other end. Even an hour or two would make a difference We are also considering selling the more valuable items on eBay and we need help with all that setting up and maintaining such a shop entails.


I suppose we are asking everyone and their grannies for items they don’t love any more, but which someone would be glad to buy. We will accept: clothing, houseware, giftware, presents  you don’t like, furniture, garden items,  bicycles  –  in fact anything that might sell!


If you know of a shop closing down, or a factory with out of date or surplus items, then you might help put something in our direction.


The shop itself is a remarkable place as are its clientèle and if you need a real lift any day then it’s the place to go. The local people of the area have been so good to us, with their welcome and support which we greatly appreciate.