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Over the moon, with new pump

5th April 2017: Very happy people because now they are enjoying good and safe water provided by W4Z. For a long time they have been getting water from unprotected wells. Now that they are getting water from a pump they are over the moon.   Details District:  Mzimba Area:  Mteremuka Village:  Yohane Distance

Never even dreamt of a pump.

4th September 2017 Alot of excitiment in the village as we were installing the pump. They never dreamt that at one time, they could have a pump in the area.They are very thankful to W4Z  and their donors for giving a gift of a pump in this village.   Details District:  Mzimba Area: 

A dream come true

2nd September 2017: It was like a dream to these villagers to see us installing a pump in the village. In the same area but different villages, we have been already installed pumps. They are happy to have their own pump, cost to their houses. Many thanks

Clean water for 140 families

1st September 2017: This pump has come like a blessing in this village. All villages around it are already provided with our pumps. Now that it has come to their village,  they are very excited and grateful to W4Z for considering them.   Details District:  Mzimba Area: Manyamula Village: Benjaman Sakala Distance from

Happy village with clean water

29th August, 2017: The chief and his people in the village are very happy and thankful  to see us installing a pump in the village. They have been using unsafe water from rivers and open well which was dangerous even to their children because some times they

Happy people with clean water for the first time

29th  August, 2017: The Chiefs and the entire village are extending their gratitude to the management of Wells for Zoe for considering their area to give them pump, Now no more experiencing water borne diseases for the community in his area.   Details District:  Mzimba Area:  Kabindula Village:  Daniel Tembo Distance from

Its a long, long way from Mayo to here

28th  August, 2017: Very thankful to Wells for Zoë, because now this village is enjoying good and protected water. They have been drinking swamp water and from open wells all their lives and many people die from water-borne diseases. They have many challenges in the area but

New pump in Sackson Gondwe, Engalaweni, Mzimba

22th August, 2017: They are very thankful to W4z for giving them safe and clean water. It is not a new area for W4z to install pumps. The area is very big so still more they need more pumps. Wishing W4Z long life and success.   Details District:  Mzimba Area:  Engalaweni Village: 

Gogo never dreamed of having a pump.

15th August, 2017: Very happy people for the pump installed in the village. The Gogo is also very happy as the pump is very soft  and  she is able to pump.They had no  any dream that at a certain time they will have a pump. Many thanks to

New pump in Tunduma, Chendasi, Nkhatabay

14th August, 2017: The chief and the whole village are very thankful for the pump installed in their village through W4Z. Now they are happy using clean and safe water. They wish W4z all the best so that they assist more people.   Details District:  Nkhatabay Area:  Chendasi Village:  Tunduma Distance from factory: 

With best wishes and a new pump from Lavallyroe, Co Mayo

8th August, 2017: This area is near to the boundary of Malawi and Zambia. (As close as Lavallyroe is to County Roscommon!!) There was a problem of water borne diseases in the area making the drinking of unsafe water from rivers and open wells. Many thanks to W4Z

Sharing water with animals

9th August, 2017: They didn't expect that they could  have a pump. They used to get water from open well and sometimes in the dambos. They were very happy to see water flowing from the pump. They wish W4z all the best so  that they assist more