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WOW: Women digging Wells!

16th December 2016:   This is a watershed. Up to this we were told that women were not allowed by tradition and culture to dig wells and now we have a new option. Great, wells will now be dug quicker!

Another 185

5th March 2015: District: Nkhata Bay Area: Timbiri Village: Chijere Number of people: 185 Water depth 2.25 meters

All day every day

22nd Dec 2014: This is our main focus at this stage: The pump is again in Nkhata Bay area, Manyan village. GPS S: 11 34.117 E: 034 17.720 The number of villagers who will use this pump will be around 216

Another one bites the dust

19th December 2014: Nkata-Bay central where another 200+ people get clean water. Tibiri village: GPS S 11 24.961 E 034 00.639 Alepher writes: Alfred's team installed 4 pumps, while Felix, Laston and Benidicto collected Washington Naval and Hamlin variety or Orange scions from research.

If we can’t go by road

18th December 2014: We will go anywhere to install pumps . Here Alepher and Stephen are seen travelling with the local Member of Parliament , to an area inaccessible by road. Alepher adds: We visited communities and introduced Wells for Zoë to them. We demonstrated well digging, slab making

Another pump day

13th December 2014: This is again in NKhata Bay area in the village of Timbiri GPS: S 11 36.193 E 034 14,472 Clean water changes everything!

Meeting targets

12th December 2014: They started at 6am and drove to NKhata Bay area about 40 km away. By lunchtime I rang Alepher and they had installed 5 pumps already. I think they have split into two teams. This leaves 4 to go to meet the week's target. This

The tenth pump in two days

11th December 2014: This is the tenth pump in two LONG days. Its a new area for us, in very hilly terrain in the NKhata bay district GPS: S 11 32.139 E 034 07.793 The number of people who will use the well is 210   Alepher tells me that there was great excitement