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Lusangazi farm

The sustainable farm, Lusangazi

My most surprising moment yet Of the three main arms of Wells for Zoë I knew about, I wasn't expecting to be most impressed by the farm. Maybe it was because my notions of farming stretched no further than my Grandad's farm, and the jobs I'd get

On the Lusangaszi Farm

13th October 2017: Here they are getting the grand tour of this research and training farm. Looks like Adamson, the head of this farm, is giving them a taste of maybe strawberries and some vegetables for their dinner. The target here is to have over 40,000 improved variety

Fun on the Farm

23rd July 2017: This was our final goodbye on the farm, where we collected all the farm employees and had a few words and a little party with soft drinks and yellow buns. They all got a chance to explain their responsibilities to ourselves, our two volunteers

Training on the Farm

17th May  2017: Adamson, Head of the Farm writes: Hi Boss, I am glad to inform you that we had a wonderful experience last week. We had two visitors namely Aurther Sharwa and Robert Mkandwire, son of the senior GVH who has a huge interest in producing fruit trees

Agricultural College

11th February 2017: For some years now it has been my dream to have some version of a simple Agricultural College to take in students who have completed their final Second Level exam and do simple courses on various aspects of agriculture or horticulture. The idea

Farm Kids

31st October 2016: The number of children on the farm looks to be on the increase. These were some playing after school although I notice that the girls were washing clothes. On closer inspection it looks like we will have to root out some clothes from bags to

Water for Citruses

22nd August 2016: This is a new well on the farm, just in time for water the newly flowering citrus. At the moment the well is 10 meters deep with 1.5 meters of water. They will use the new irrigation pump to see how it goes and then

Home Based Care

9th August 2016: Many years ago we built a small health post in Lusangazi where various groups deliver an array of health services to the community. One of my favourites of its function is in helping people living with HIV/AIDS. This group meets once a month to collect their

Watering apple seedlings

2nd August 2016: The ladies are watering apple rootstock that have been budded with three improved variety Malawian apples. I didn't count but I'm told that there are 5355 in total, which reflects enormous from the team in terms of effort and skill. Today also saw some well

Visiting Volunteers

14th July 2016: These are Lilly and James from Ireland, visiting the farm today. Here they are with Laston and Harisen having a look at the latest variety of mango grafted on to local rootstock in one of our four greenhouses. Those with the brown leaves have taken

Progress at the farm

5th February 2016: Rose visited the farm today to look at Laston's plans and discuss issues and progress of new employees. Laston is the farm manager; The Boss Looks like the tangerines, oranges, mango and the rest of the fruit are about to ripen, that they are

Bumper Irish apples harvest

5th November 2015: Yes, these are Irish apples, cropping very well in Northern Malawi. Almost all apples available to buy in Mzuzu are imported from Zambia, Zimbabwe or South Africa. They told us that it couldn't be done, but here is the proof. We brought the scions for this