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3rd April 2018: They come to do regular classes and have a little fun, but they are exposed to horticulture as well. We have a large space around the Centre with lots of plants growing so they can learn how to feed themselves. Here they are picking Guavas:

Today on the farm

26th June 2015: Benjamin sent us pictures from the action on the farm today. Main pic shows Laston grafting Mango with scions bought about 70 km away close to the lake. These will produce large and better fruit and will be ready to plant out in January

Planting fruit tree seedlings

2nd June 2014: This is John the farm manager with Ruth planting a white guava seedling which is an improver variety over the local red one. They were also planting Papaya.

Turning to business 8thJan2015

Turning to business

8th January 2015: Since we arrived in Malawi I always had a view that Malawi should contribute to its own development. Pumps and wells are what we are there for and are free to everyone. However we started farming to show what could be grown and how