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Final day of the fair

19th August 2016: Day three was busy and very successful. Rose writes: Boss, The first extra picture is for the Guest of honour, who commented on our products, and said that we have good products and we will really build Malawi. She was very impressed with what we

Agricultural Fair Day 2

18th August 2016: Looks like today continued with throngs of people visiting, asking questions and generally interacting with the crew. I contacted Rose after her hectic day to see if it went well: Her Reply:   The main picture shows Miriam, who is new manager of preschools. She is with us

Agricultural Fair

17th August 2016: This is the Agricultural Fair held in Mzuzu for the Northern Region. We are showcasing our Zoë pump, our Seedlings, our Education Centre, our Preschools. This was the first day of three and thee crowds were very large according to reports. As well as our new

Office Work?

12th August 2016 These are Harisen, Alfred and Rose, in the office enjoying whatever is going on. They are doing a brochure for a big Agricultural Show in Mzuzu on August 17-19. We will be displaying our seedlings as well as our pump. New to the public arena will

Agricultural Fair

4th Sept 2015:   The picture shows Laston showing off seedlings from the farm Mzimba North Agriculture Fair Theme: Promotion of Value addition and linking farmers to markets: A key to increased income and sustainable livelihood   NGOs present: Total Land Care Tiyeni Find your feet Jica ADRA Plan International Opportunity bank