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2 Year old Pines

26th July 2018: This is part of a small forest of 5000 trees sown by Golden Chirwa and his two sons two years ago. Very few failures and well managed. This year he is the leader and an inspiration to over 30 groups setting 1 million trees

Mphompha Forestry Project under WfZ

22nd July 2018: This is Golden Chirwa, one of the most amazing people I have ever met, examining the work of one of the groups he has set up with the ail of planting an enormous Forest. These seedlings belong to one of the more than 30

Potting at the Centre

14th July 2018: Today, as all other Saturdays, is a learning day for the Girl Child Student project. Since we are now planting 100,000 trees there we feel it's important to teach every girl how to grow trees as it might be the best and most profitable

Planting seeds in James Kaira village

12th July 2018: MSIKI FOREST REPORT From:   Prominence Venue: James Kaira village PURPOSE OF VISITING Gave them some more pine seeds and polythene tubes and checked progress. This day we were in Msiki Area at James Kaira V.H who is under G.V.H Kapandajuwa. This is the second time to visit this

Potting Pine Seedlings

9th July 2018: This is action at the factory. We have hired-in day workers, as they are called, to help with filling the tubes with black (better quality) soil. The realisation among the Forestry people, Laston and Prominence, is that some people in a month or more might

Seedlings on the farm: #1millionTrees

26th June 2018: This is Joyce one of our longest serving employees on the farm. She came, looked for a job, we took her on and gave her a house to live in with her son Boyd. Ten years later she is still with us while we

50,000 trees

22nd June 2018: Laston and Prominence are in a new area after Laston travelled the 300 km plus, last night by bus. In other pics the Chief has his notebook writing excitedly about all the procedures. There looks to be a real buzz about the place.   Prominence writes:

Tree Planting Project

5th May 2018: The picture shown Pius (on the left) a friend since 2007, when we came to work and build a three-classroom primary school block with 10 students from DIT, Dublin. On the right is Laston, head of our newly formed tree department. Most days in