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Village Well & Pump


1 Well and Pump for a village –
providing clean, safe, drinking water for up to 300 people


Clean water is the key

(to unlocking potential)


About one out of every eight people around the world have no access to clean, safe water. The water they have makes them sick. It robs people of dignity and hope.


How can it be that so many people are deprived of this basic human right, considering that, in Northern Malawi, we can enable villagers access to clean, safe water for life at a cost of one Euro each??


We know that when a well is installed in a village, girls return to school. Women have time and begin small businesses. People are no longer too sick to work. Gardens are watered and food supply becomes more reliable. Health is better and children grow up to achieve more.


The cycle of poverty is broken. Lives change forever


You see that clean water changes everything. But strangely having access to clean water isn’t an end, it’s a beginning, a whole new beginning.


Women come together in groups to learn, save and borrow in the group. They develop small business, have money to pay school fees, buy uniforms and medicines and do impossible things as if they were normal.


They get a life


Did you realize that a child dies every 15 seconds from a lack of clean water?


But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can help to change that, by helping us to bring clean, safe drinking water to quarter of a million villagers in the next three years.


Dire poverty, disease, hunger, inequity… all lessen the quality of billions of individual lives. It may be a shock to learn that many of these major issues facing the world’s poor can be linked directly to a lack of clean water, even AIDS. Contaminated water makes you ill, weakening your immune system, thus making you more susceptible to the virus.

But, statistics only tell part of the story


This water story is all about people, every one person, and their potential to flourish and develop to their true potential. Lack of clean water is regularly their main obstacle and the solution is so simple that it’s hard to believe.


We work to unearth hope within all this despair. We try to Inspire, Educate and Challenge. We use their plans and walk beside them. This type of small financial-input approach is not easy. There are good days and bad ones. But in the long term, we believe that simple, low cost and long-lasting water projects change lives. Providing access to clean, safe water unlocks the potential of the communities we serve.


We have witnessed that when water comes, everything changes.


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