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Gig for the Girl Child Ticket


Buy a ticket for our fundraiser at St Mary’s Parish Church, Lucan featuring:

St Mary’s Chorale;

Cathy Jordan, Tom Morrow (both Dervish), Tony Byrne & Éamonn Coyne.


Doors are at 7:30pm to allow you to find a nice seat and meet some of the w4z team.

The concert will begin at 8pm.

Out of stock


Malawi has a proverb:
‘Educate a boy and you educate one person ‒ educate a girl and you educate a family, a village and a nation’.


Last year Wells for Zoë funded 88 girls and their families enabling them to go to Secondary School.
This year we expect to have over 120 girls.


We observe that every day a girl spends in school has a considerable impact on her family and community in later life. Boys do less work, are fed first, preferentially educated and have any of the rights that exist.


According to the World Bank, only 27% of Malawi’s girls enroll in secondary school, and just 13% will attend. Only a fraction of that 13% will actually finish 4 years of secondary school and maybe 2% of poor girls will their pass MSCE exam, which is the final exam in Secondary school.


100% of the money from this concert will go straight to Malawi and be spent on educating the girl child.


for more information:


“Education is a right, but it is not a reality for too many girls. Education sends a message – a message of confidence and hope. It tells that child: you have a future; what you think matters.”
UN Secretary-General’s Global initiative on Education 2012


“Africa is no longer a remote problem, but one in which we in the prosperous north can intervene on a personal basis, to create partnerships based on equality and co-operation rather than charity and condescension.”
John Waters, Irish Times


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