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Indigenous Forestry Trees (10 – 1000)


Planted indigenous tree seedlings

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This is part of our Planting indigenous Trees project which realised ca. 3 million trees planted in the 2020-2021 season. These seedlings are sown from seed by the communities in both large-scale nurseries and smaller club nurseries with planting on either community or locally owned land. We give them the seeds, the poly tubes for planting and train them how to succeed. We also pay community nursery workers and planters for their work in the main plantation areas.


The major planting areas can be viewed on the map.


We also often give seedlings to schools attended by our WfZ Girl Child Students so they can show off the planting skills they learn at their Saturday classes. The schools often have land where they plant out the seedlings.

Number of Trees

10 Trees, 100 Trees, 200 Trees, 500 Trees, 1000 Trees