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Fees for Girl Child Student in Secondary School


This is part of our Girl Child Student project and pays solely for fees per term for a Girl at Secondary School.

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What is the problem? Why is this important? Focus on numbers!!


The women we serve in Northern Malawi, are born into poverty, they have no rights but a myriad of responsibilities, even as girls. They carry water on their heads when they are as young as four or five, they collect firewood, they are responsible for the growing and cooking of food, and really don’t have a life. Males are fed first, preferentially educated and have any of the rights that exist. But there’s worse, like traditional cultural practices, trafficking, mutilation, early marriage and childbirth complications.


Educated girls have fewer children, are better able to care for their children, demand better access to health care and information, practice safer sex, have better access to jobs, and are more likely to send their children to school.

Support Length

1 Term – €20, 2 Terms – €40, Full Year – €60