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Used by new mothers and also welcomed by the many Gogos to keep warm


A Gogo blanket story


These blanket squares was knit by a 92 year old woman, with Alzheimers, in County Cavan and brought to us by Liam Stewart.


The plan for the evening, from 4 to 5 pm, was to present a blanket to an old Gogo with Br Michael, SJOG, who also needed a pump, so I headed off with Margaret,  Alfred, head of the pump to assess her location for a well. Of course we can do the pump, but the City Fathers may have issues, but when did that make a difference to us.


We headed off, met Michael and met the Gogo, with her daughter and grandson. She was old and had no idea what age she was. For a little fun we tried the blanket on Margaret and then on Br Michael. Margaret then made the official presentation. She put it on, felt it, fixed it, but didn’t show any emotion and then left it on the chair beside her. Suddenly I realized that she had no idea it was for her, but when we explained, she wrapped it around her, cuddled into it, knelt on the ground and crawled towards us on all fours kissing the ground. She never had anything like it before and was overcome with joy as we all were.


Such a poor old lady and such joy and emotion.


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