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Trichilia emetica (Msikidzi)

Known locally as Msikidzi. It is known in English as Natal Mahagony.


From the Useful Tropical Plants Database

The leaves of this evergreen or briefly deciduous tree are browsed by game. Female trees of this dioecious species are featuring sweet-scented flowers attracting bees and various local bird species.
It is being used in traditional medicine to treat abdominal pain, dermatitis, haemorrhoids, jaundice and chest pain. Plant extracts also have diuretic and purgative properties and are known to induce labour.

Bark extracts are used to produce a pinkish dye.

Edible seeds can be served with potatoes or squash.

The light brown wood is the most important timber for the rural carving industry producing boats, canoes and furniture. It can reach a size of up to 25m and is a fast growing tree.


Pertinent features

  • indigenous
  • used medicinally
  • timber is important for the rural carving industry
  • grown in nursery or sown directly
  • fast growing